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Indyne Mobile Internet


High-Speed Internet Access via Satellite from Your Vehicle

This system uses the HughesNet or iDirect Internet service with MotoSAT DataStorm equipment. Indyne technicians are certified by Hughes, ViaSat, EchoSat and MotoSAT to install and maintain these systems as required by the FCC.

Ideal for RV'ers , Commercial Vehicle Operators, and Government Agencies that require reliable, broadband Internet connections from any location. The connection is always on, once the dish is deployed. There are no per minute charges, like cell phones. Satellite TV service may also be received with an optional dish accessory on some models.

One-Button Automatic Dish Deployment. Simply park the vehicle, turn on the system, and push the Search button. The dish will find and lock onto the satellite signal. You are then free to email, surf the Web, trade stocks, access your business, interface with emergency services or do any activity via the Internet that you can do from a fixed location. When you are ready to move the vehicle, simply push the Stow button. The dish will automatically fold flat to the roof.

What is required?

  • Equipment: This includes the dish antenna, the antenna controller, the electronics for communicating with the satellite, and the network equipment for connecting your computer.

  • Installation: The dish is custom installed on the vehicle roof and cabled to the electronics inside the vehicle. The system is then configured for use and tested with your computer.

  • Service: HughesNet, ViaSat, EchoSat and iDirect offer a variety of service packages for high-speed Internet access. You subscribe to the service appropriate for your needs. Service plans start at just $79.99 per month.

  • Your Computer: The computer must be network capable and have web browser software installed. Both Windows-based computers and Macs may be used. Multiple computers may use the system simultaneously.

Indyne is your single source for all services and equipment required including computers.