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Data Center

Physical Space

Configure your space however you need it, from open-rack servers to ultra-secure private rooms. Physical components that make enterprise communications possible:

Configuration Options

Servers can be configured using open rack space, enclosed cabinets (for greater security), caged areas (for large space requirements), suites or fully enclosed vaults. Choose what you need based on budget, security needs and communication requirements.


Conditioned AC power runs to each space, via the Constant Power System (CPS) (redundant and diverse power available). Power interruptions are virtually eliminated.

Environmental Controls

Temperature, humidity, dust levels and fire suppression are carefully maintained to promote constant server operation.


Site access is controlled 24/7/365 by security personnel, state-of-the-art security technologies and enhanced security procedures.

Indyne offers you a complete e-sourcing solution for hosting your high availability mission critical applications. We combine best of breed applications and business practices to provide the most secure web-hosting environment. And we don't stop there. At Indyne we believe that web servers must be hosted and managed. That is why we also offer the managed and professional services that are required so that you can take care of managing your business.


Now you can have an instant Web presence without incurring capital expenditures, increasing traffic on your corporate network or burdening your IT staff. We take care of everything: hosting, security, software updates and monitoring. We can even provide the server. Just plug into Indyne and let us do it for you.

Your server lives at our Data Center where you will choose from a variety of open racks, secured cabinets, open cages, private suites or fully enclosed vaults. All server collocation packages include:

Internet Connectivity - each collocated server includes connectivity via a 10/100 mbps Ethernet connection. Optional higher bandwidth connectivity up to 2.4GB (OC-48) is also available

DNS hosting - support for primary and secondary DNS is provided at the customer's request.

Reporting - all customers will receive timely reporting on the basic services. System ports are monitored continuously to verify an "up" status.

Monitoring - connectivity provided by Indyne is monitored 24/7/365 by an expert IT staff, so problems can be avoided before they happen.

In addition to the standard services provided to all collocation customers, choose from our Managed and Professional Services to define the level of support that your business requires.


In addition to providing the basic services with every Indyne collocated server, you will also be able to leverage the experience and infrastructure of Indyne by selecting from any of the following Managed Services:

Enhanced Monitoring - Our Enhanced Monitoring services pick up where the basic monitoring ends. These provide monitoring beyond the port-level up/down status and extend to your servers. Enhanced Monitoring also provides more fully encompassing reporting for more precise system management.

Managed Security Services - Indyne provides a variety of security options including: Firewall Deployment, VPN, Vulnerability Assessments, Content & Virus Scanning, and Authentication Systems.

Storage Management Services - Let us help you select the storage and backup system that is right for your application. Choose from a variety of storage and backup technologies, including Storage Area Networks (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS). Dedicated and shared backup systems are available in magnetic tape. Tape management and storage options are also available. Leverage our experience as well as our investment in these newest technologies.

Hardware Management Services - Unique to Indyne is our ability to provide hardware maintenance for any server either purchased directly from us or our list of approved tier-one server providers. Used in conjunction with our Advanced Monitoring Services, on-site technicians provide hardware maintenance that will promote minimal downtime.